Sentry Fire and Safety Denver Full Service Shop


With our full service shop we can perform nearly any service or maintenance that you fire protection equipment requires.  He is a list of some of those services - please call and ask if you do not see a service that you require as we most likely are equipped for your needs.

  • 6 year/12 year Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Recharges/Refill
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Rebuilds/Repairs
  • Recycle (Call First)
  • Low & High Pressure Testing



Utilize LED driven digital flames and a laser training extinguisher to provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training. Comply with OSHA safety training requirements by taking training to your employees.

Live Fire

Stainless steel props demonstrate different fire scenarios with an available Trash Can (Class A), Stove Top (Class B), Paint Locker (Class B) and Electric Motor Prop (Class C)

Know Your Fire Extinguishers


Fire Extinguisher Classifications

  • CO2
  • Dry Chemical
  • Foam
  • Vaporizing Liquids


Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service 

All Sentry Fire & Safety locations are  equipped to handle any type of service or maintenance that your fire protections equipment requires.  From high pressure hydrostatic testing to low pressure fire hose re-certification we are equipped and trained to fulfill any state or government requirements that you need.  If you have questions about requirements or simply need a fire extinguisher re-charge please contact our sales office.